Saturday, December 30, 2006

made my list, checked it twice...

I did a lot of list-making this Christmas season -- for gifts, parties, food, packing, etc. -- but something I didn't plan for ended up on my list, too.

I relaxed. And when I say relax, I mean RELAX. I had the greatest time at home playing with my adorable nephew, catching up with family and friends, and enjoying just being, and being on my Coast, at that! the week was capped off by a fun night out with my wonderfully crazy cousins -- who can say they have fun family members like that? it was the true icing on the cake (even if we will be catching up on sleep for a day or two!).

All this is to say that I learned the true value of adding "relaxing" to my many lists. Hopefully it will appear on many more in 2007! :-)

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Ahhh... such a nice goal. I 'spose I should add it to my list of wishes for 2007. I'm glad to hear that time with friends and family truly allowed you an opportunity to relax. Look forward to hearing more about your '07 year!
Posted by lotts2tel on December 31, 2006 - Sunday 11:22 AM [Remove] [Reply to this]

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


For those of you have wondered if it's true, it IS. Santa is REAL. I saw him tonight at Old Venice in Jackson. He was incognito, but he chatted with the Jackson, MS version of S&TC and we all confirmed it -- he's the real thing.

No worries. I put in a good word for each and every one of you. :-)

You're welcome.

No way! I saw him here at the base library on Fort Leonardwood, and he was with his wife. Now this was the closest thing to an authentic Santa Claus I have EVER seen, since Miracle on 34th Street~ Are you sure he didn't mention seeing me???
Posted by Çhr阮ïñå on December 21, 2006 - Thursday 5:54 AM