Sunday, March 15, 2009


The five things I'm most thankful for from the past week are:

1. Friends who are fun and precious and priceless -- even when I'm at my most unlovable.

2. ENTs! Who knew allergies would attack my very soul when I moved to Baton Rouge?!

3. Patience. It is truly a virtue, and while I don't have much of it, God has put me in a (literal and figurative) place where I'm surrounded by it, especially when I need it the most. And in situations where I totally don't deserve it, and am constantly surprised by it!

4. Wedding bells! My best guy friend -- really, I guess he truly is my BEST guy friend -- has found the love of his life (also a sweetie, and from the Coast - yay!) and they're making it official! How exciting?!?! Congratulations, Jams & M'Licious!

5. Hope. Goodness knows there's not a lot of it floating around out there, but I sure am glad for the bit of it that gets thrown my way every now and then. And again, just when I need it most. :-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Half the bill, but still Whole Foods.

I found an interesting and useful blog post tonight, "Half is sometimes better at Whole Foods." I enjoyed the post because I am in mad love with Whole Foods, but like most people whose last name is not Trump, cannot shop there on a regular or bulk basis.

I'm not sure if this info applies to other Whole Foods-type stores, like Fresh Market, but it's def worth investigating.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm published!
Urban Dictionary thought Gustavish would catch on, and here I am, in the big time, not forgetting you, my gentle readers. :-)
To see the definition of my very own, made up word, click here. And of course, compliment me. You know how terribly fragile my poor little ego is. :-)

Full o' thanks.

Two weekends, several childhood friends, a couple of cousins that stick closer than a brother, and numerous items checked off my "to do" list later, I finally remember to name 5 things I'm thankful for. Nice.

Better late than never, hopes this redhead. Here goes...this week, I'm thankful for:

1. Sun-shi-ey-ine....on a cloudy day. The weather has been spectacular here, and though I'm thankful for my job and friends who keep me in demand over the weekend....I could actually have started a tan by now. Seriously! A-maz-ing.

2. A Nan who loves me and "is so proud of" my fashion sense, yet still wants to see "a little Rebekah" before she dies, hon-ey. Bless her.

3. Cousins who do - and have - and always will - stick closer than brothers to this redhead (and her sister). I will never stop adoring Rus(ty), Jeff, and Greg, and am thankful that with each convo and stage of life, they show that it's mutual. If only all girls could be so blessed.

4. To work for a place with stability, security, and a conservative frame of mind in a time where that's unusual, but applauded. Hancock Bank was recently named 8th in the Top 150 banks by Bank Director magazine, a fact we couldn't be prouder of. Not accepting a bailout has never been such a badge of honor! Go HB!

5. A 5-year-old nephew who thinks enough of me to leave the occasional v-mail, though not long and not unscripted. :-) Usually goes something like this:

Bro-in-law: Ok, now, say hey!

Nephew: Hey Bekah!

Bro-in-law: Hope you're having a good day.

Nephew: Hope you're havin' a GREAT day!

Bro-in-law: I love you....

Nephew: I love you.... BYE!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Speaking of words...

...I made one up today: Gustavish.

The definition?

1. The feeling of being whirled about in a tornado-like fashion;

2. Becoming too hot, too without-power, too sticky, and too uncomfortable to do anything of value;

3. Having a nasty hair day;

4. Nostalgically remembering how bad it was, but also how bad it could've been.

I think I'll add it to Urban Dictionary and see if it catches on.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ever since two of my mom-friends took their kids to see the recent animated movie "Bolt," they've been using the term "ridonculous" when something goes beyond ridiculous.

I have to say, it's catchy. I find myself wanting to use it, but not being sure if people will know what I'm talking about.

So now you, dear readers, will know what I'm talking about when you hear me say it. Urban dictionary defines "ridonculous" as:

1. Functionally similar to the word "ridiculous," this word is often used in its place for extra emphasis. (Ex: There's a ridonculous amount of cheddar cheese stuck in the printer.)

2. When ridiculous knows no bounds (Ex: "Check out the hunk of blue cheese he's got on that wing." "That's ridonculous!")

3. adj. something that is so extremely ridiculous that one can't comprehend the full ridculousness of it. (Ex: Rufus Wainwright is so cool, everyone who doesn't like him is ridonculous)

Now we all know. It was ridonculous not to clear that up.