Sunday, September 23, 2007


I've never been much in the superstitious department, but I'm starting to believe that good things really do come in threes:

1. Friday, I found a permanent place to live in Baton Rouge! I have been anxious about this all week (ever since I started realizing that older, modestly sized apartments were way more expensive than what I believe they're worth), so I was VERY relieved to find a cute townhouse with enough space for visitors!

2. Also on Friday, I finally burrowed my way through traffic, getting lost, and two trains and made it to Jackson, where I had wonderful, laid-back hang out time with C. It was the true definition of R&R, and it was MUCH needed for the redhead.

3. When I got back into Baton Rouge tonight, I found that my mail from the last month has finally arrived at my temporary address! Mind you, I set up the forwarding service before I ever moved here, but I'm just getting my last Nissan paycheck, bills, etc. I'm just glad our good ol' postal service made sure that happened...through rain, snow, sleet or hail...

So all that's to say for those of you who have been sweet enough to express concern: don't worry about me (especially given my last blog or two). I really am doing well overall and am absolutely LOVING my new job in BR. I will definitely enjoy it all even more when I make some other friends outside of work (I am certain to wear my two work friends out in no time at all!), but I know that will happen in good time.

Thanks for your sweet cares and comments and I hope YOU are well, too. More to come on life in the Red Stick...

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Congrats on finding your new "home". I would give THREE kudos to this blog, but sadly am limited to two.