Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Thanks to all the wonderful allergies I've been besotten with since my move to Louisiana, I've gotten in more TV/movie time than I ever thought would be possible.  But I've noticed that like before, it's almost impossible for me to sit still and watch anything when I'm by myself. If others are over, sure. But when it's just me, not so much.

So I've recently realized that I've taken up a very unadmirable trait: multi-slacking.

That's right. I'm embarrassed to admit that I am fully capable of "watching" a show or movie, paying bills, playing on my phone.... You get the picture.

What in the world is up with that?! Am I so ADD that I can't even relax properly?!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Five things I'm thankful for.

Five things I'm thankful for today are:

1. Being able to communicate via the internet and mobile devices when I can't talk and/or be places in person.

2. Modern medicine.

3. The invention of Kleenex.

Notice a trend here? It's been a fun, allergy-ridden week....

4. The people I've crossed paths with who, even after I haven't seen them in person for years, continue to enrich my life with their unique personalities.

5. Movies.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Redefining RJ.

I've realized lately that it's been 10 years, two cities, three jobs, a kazillion friends, and a couple of sincerely significant relationships since I've thought about who I really am, and who I really want to be.

I remember a time that I was very clear on this. But while the influence of so many people, places and things can be more than wonderful, that influence can also smudge the mirror a little.

While in some ways it's exciting to think about fresh starts, in other ways it's a little daunting and overwhelming. So if you want to pray for me through this great adventure, have at it. ;-)

We'll see what the outcome looks like.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

High Five.

Five things I'm thankful for today are:

1. A father who knows his stuff, especially when it comes to cars.

2. A sister who is genuinely sweeter than and has the purest heart of anyone I've ever met.

3. A mother who listens and loves, even when she might not understand or approve.

4. Blood pressure medicine.

5. The spirit of the area I'm from and live in.

Bring it!

Tomorrow marks a historical day for us Southerners: our Saints are going to the Super Bowl!!!

This cartoon from ESPN, shared with me by a friend, aptly describes the cultural excitement we're experiencing in the Who Dat region.

Geaux Saints! ALL THE WAY! ;-)