Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: Word.

Some of you know that instead of making one or two New Year's resolutions, I choose a meaningful word and try to squeeze the most out of it for the year's entirety. In the past, my words have been " "maintenance" or "structure" -- synopses of efforts to continue healthy habits or put some rigor around areas that need it.

For 2014, my word is "resourceful." 

While few people have truly limitless resources, many of us are truly limited in what's at our disposal. What could I be making the most of that I'm currently not? Time? Talents? Money? (These things may often seem in deficit, but really, am I using them wisely?) What about my most valuable assets: Friendships? Family? My home? My city? My country?

This year, my goal is to explore these things. 

Here's hoping I glean the marrow from them, being as resourceful as possible.