Thursday, September 30, 2010

Caedmon's Call.

I'm a huge fan of musicians who write their own music.

I also enjoy other musicians' work, but singing what you write...well, that's a very big thing with me.

In college, when I first heard the Christian band Caedmon's Call, I was naturally drawn to their cool, laid-back melodies, but also the dynamically rich lyrics.

In a recent effort to finally organize the trazillion CDs I've accumulated since CDs came out, I came across my Caedmon's Call music, and, in turn, some of my old favorites. The fun part about being such a huge procrastinator is that rediscovery sheds light on things that apply now that might not've before.

This is the case with "Walk With Me," a Caedmon's Call song I always enjoyed, but now embrace hourly, align with in spite of myself, and put on repeat in my car at least once a week. The video is here, and lyrics are below:

Walk With Me

Walk with me quiet, walk with me slow
With watered down coffee and words of gold
'Cause I can feel the edges of these things
When I hear you speak to me, so walk with me

Walk with me empty, walk with me strong
The hush of our voices, when the day seems so long
It is like a balm, it is like a jewel
It unravels all I thought I knew

Will you lead me, beside the still waters
Where the oil, it runs over, and my cup overflows
You restore my soul

Tell me the story, where old is made new
The promise of ages, and all things that are true
When the shadows fall and the wrecking ball
Swings and tears me through the heart

Will you lead me, beside the still waters
Where the oil, it runs over, and my cup overflows
You restore my soul

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

One of my favorite shows is Friday Night Lights. It has it all -- football, high school drama (that isn't yours), a sweet family, and small town life.

I also might have a small crush on the coach, and on one of the guys who used to play football (but he's not really just a year out of high school, he just plays that age, so it's ok).

I think my coach crush partly stems from that role's strong family values, and strong sense of equality and fairness. I'm a sucker for those things.

A great statement the coach makes after a pep talk has stuck with me since the first episode I watched last year: Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

Isn't that the truth? Not just with sports, or all team activities, but in life itself?

I'd think the balance would be easier to achieve. It's just two little things -- clear eyes, and a full heart. But not so little, as it turns out, when you're trying to balance them along with everything that muddies clearness, and empties the full.

It definitely takes work to maintain clear eyes and a full heart.

And in the end, we might think we lose, and to the naked eye, our outcome might be considered a loss. But really, it's a win. A huge one. And a definite game-changer.

And combined with a deep Texas accent and football gear...well, that pep talk is just right.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love (no spoilers)

I love to be entertained.

Books, movies, stories, plays, travel -- you name it.

And although I love movies like there's no tomorrow and prove that via Netflix each month, there have been very few times I can remember a movie following its precursor book closely enough to satisfy my cinematic expectations.

"Eat, Pray, Love," however, was spot on.

If you liked the book, I think you'll like the movie. If you didn't like the book, chances are you won't like the movie. If you didn't read the book, I still think you'd like the movie. If you are not okay with the premise of the whole thing, you probably won't like either.

See? No spoilers. :-)

A full heart.

It's been so long since I've posted five things I'm thankful for! I've missed it.

Today, the five things filling my heart in a big way are:

1. Family. Especially in the last few months, I'm more aware than ever of the brevity of life and how precious our time together is. I've been blessed with a crazy precious family, and it is humbling to receive their love, and to watch them receive mine.

2. Friends. See #1.

3. Security. You don't realize how important it is to you until you feel unsafe that first time -- in any way. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, professionally. Security can apply to all areas of our lives. And, thank the Lord, it does.

4. Fall weather. I love, love, LOVE fall. And I'm feeling it in the air. And that makes me so happy.

5. The broken road. I was thinking, Charlotte-style, today, "If I'd only stayed in Jackson a couple of years as originally intended, I might never have worked at Nissan, which changed my life professionally and personally. And if I had left earlier than I did, I might not've landed in Baton Rouge, which has been the best personal move of my decade," etc.

That felt good. :-)

I Back, Everybody!

A few years ago, my nephew had what he realized was his first Christmas break from anything. In his case, the break was from "the Little Lambs School," his church's preschool. Throughout the break, he was convinced he was missing out on what his friends in his class were doing. No amount of discussion could change his mind or relay that actually, everyone had a break from Little Lambs. After Christmas when school started back, I asked my sister and brother-in-law how he felt about going back. They said he was excited to see his friends, and on his first day after the break, he marched into his classroom, shrugged off his little backpack, threw his arms wide open and yelled, "I back, everybody!"

That is how I feel today -- as though I am reentering a part of my world that I have missed like crazy. After a few VERY long months of moving and trying to get settled in and working around several milestones in between, I'm finally back in the blogosphere.

Since blogging is undoubtedly a therapeutical outlet for me, you can probably expect to see a few more posts than what have been coming through lately. Which would total...more than zero. :-)

It's already good to be back.