Sunday, August 20, 2006

letter I don't intend to send

Dear Random Person I've Never Met Who MySpace Messaged Me:

Thank you for contacing me on MySpace! It's always fun to log on and have new mail and friend requests. I think, "Hmmmm, is this someone I know from my current life -- maybe high school or college? Or maybe they're a friend of a friend and just found me on here! Yay!"

Here lately, though, it's been less of that, and more of you -- a struggling musician who doesn't already exist in my world or "online entrepreneur" who apparently thinks that becoming random people's MySpace friends will be the true secret to your success.

While I really appreciate whatever it is inside of you that saw my picture and said, "Her! Yes! Bug her and you will become famous!," I also would really appreciate your not messaging me about the latest way to make $500 a day by staying home anymore.

It's not that I'm not interested; I just don't care. Lots of luck to you with making new friends today! Have fun! :)

All my best, ~rebekah

rebekah's general warning: "letters I don't intend to send" is not an original concept by rj, but a cheap rip-off of an idea by Mindy Raf, one of the most hilarious comediennes ever. I just now think in terms of these letters when something really amuses or annoys me.

Smartly amusing, my dear! Please don't forget the little people...
Posted by Jams on August 21, 2006 - Monday 8:50 PM

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