Tuesday, June 19, 2007

too hebby

Today I am a girl terribly thankful for hope. Without it...I just have no idea.

One of my most favorite stories ever comes from my boyfriend's nephew, whom I've only met once a few years ago. He's in his twenties now, but when he was two and C used to wrestle with him on the floor, he would grunt, "Too hebby, Unca Carl. You too hebby for me. I just a boy!"

Today, life seems a little heavy...not necessarily for me, but for a family I love. So that hurts. It hurts to not know exactly what to say or how to pray, and it hurts to know I'm just far enough away to not be of any tangible use. It's painful to know that while my sweet friend will ride through this with the incredible grace that's been so beautifully developed over years of having no other choice, there is no other choice. Again.

And I know this is so stupid, but it hurts to know I'm too small and human to do any of the repair work I so brazenly think I could ever be capable of, and it also hurts that these things seem to the naked eye to be slightly unevenly distributed.

(Are you there, God? It's me, rebekah. Some of us clearly have trust issues, don't we?)

I think I was griping about something before all the news and hurt made its way to me, but I'm pretty sure I was brought back down to the reality check that was waiting for the redhead:

Thank God there is a God, and that He's dealt us a great deal of hope. My life is really not so hebby after all.

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What is amazing is how this family seems to handle the unfathomable with such grace. I pray that I can have that kind of faith some day.
Posted by Just Music on June 19, 2007 - Tuesday 8:32 PM

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