Sunday, January 3, 2010

New week, new year, new decade, new...

...resolutions? Thoughts? RJ?

Not so much.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm happy it's a new year! There's something about the calendar showing you a guaranteed fresh start that's just, well, refreshing. But here are my takes on all of the above:

New resolutions: I don't keep them. I try, then I fail, and then I feel like a failure, not even 1/3 of the way into the new year. Could anything stink more? I try to identify bad habits as I notice them, and I try to do something about them, but trust me, anyone with my guilt complex needs to stay away from resolutions.

New thoughts: I always have new thoughts. Who doesn't? I mean, every day, they pop up. If they're good, and I'm listening with both ears, I'll write them down where I know I'll see them again, or I'll put them in my handy dandy notes section of my phone. But why hold 'em for a whole year?! I like to get it out when I'm thinking and feeling it. And that's what blogs are for, IMHO. :-)

New rebekah: Sure, I could use an overhaul. No female I know would turn one down, and several males I know would at least look into the option. But isn't it better to take the best of me, and merge it with the rest of me, and work on what needs to go? That's the goal. Not that I always reach it, but, you know. An effort, at least.

So that's my new year's ideal: Keep doing what works, and work on what doesn't. And for the love of Pete, in this century, when technology and people and life are so demanding anyway, don't beat yourself up for not meeting some list you scratched out just because the rest of the world does it.

I realize that may seem slightly pessimistic, but hey. That's what I've got.

And happy oh-ten! I feel we can be healthy, wealthy, and wise, especially if we listen to ourselves, our God, our consciences, and the people who love us most.

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