Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Best Day.

I was going to save writing about this song for a Mother's Day post to thank my mom for all she is and has been, but I've been realizing how much it applies to so many people in my life: both of my parents, my sister, her husband, their son, and, as I've so been reminded the past two days, my cousins.

I have tons of cousins -- really, not an exaggeration -- but was super fortunate to grow up in close proximity with three boy cousins, who served as brothers-in-kind for my sister and me, without the harassment and bathroom humor and embarrassing displays of overprotectiveness.

Russ, Jeff and Greg were -- and are -- three of the most amazing people I've ever met. They're all unique from each other in every way, from their talents to their appearances to their skills and career paths. In fact, the only qualities I would say they truly share are their innate desires to work hard for what they have, their ingenuities in their own fields, their senses of humor, and the kindness that lies within them all. It's kind of always been that way.

Russ (who was once "Rusty" and is now "Russell," but I can't seem to shake "Russ"), has forever been an academic. Brilliant, communicative, and witty, this oldest of the three is the best person ever to talk about books, current events, politics, and theology with. He's also good for some quality country music and bobblehead convos, among other things. His quality level only doubled when he married sweet Maria, who happened to be my sister's best friend in high school (perk!). Russ and Maria complement each other in every way, and have seen their share of life issues, but are still some of the most fun people to be around that I've ever met. Thankfully, they're teaching their four sons to be the same way. It's already fun to see how Timothy, Benjamin, Samuel and Jonah's personalities are emerging.

Greg is the youngest of the three, and is truly a shining light. That sounds really ethereal and even almost feminine, but Greg is one of the most real people I've ever met, and definitely one of the most masculine guys ever. My first memories of him involve his sweet smile, adorable dimples, and blonde curls, and he's been consistent with the first two of those ever since. (The curls got cut off, much to my Nan's chagrin, I'm sure.) Gregory Scott is hilarious and the pure definition of "entrepreneur," but he is also a wonderful friend. He listens and cares and can turn anything -- and I do mean anything -- into a complete laugh riot. In fact, I've just decided that if I really want people to celebrate instead of mourn at my funeral, he should speak. :-) His wife, Alicia, and her daughter, Lauren, have added more to our family than I can even say. Lauren plays soccer with the best of 'em, resists all things diva, and will never have an awkward stage. She's the coolest adolescent ever, and if she weren't so sweet, I'd be bitter about this. At 33 1/2. Like Maria, Alicia is beautifully supportive of her husband, and their mutual adoration is so clear. I love this about them, and for them, and particularly for Greg, because he deserves that so much.

The one-third of this fabulous trifecta that I most recently got to spend time with is Jeff. Jeff's the middle, and to the naked eye is as polar opposite from Russ and Greg and Russ and Greg are from each other. Because of his job, I don't have the opportunity to see Jeff nearly as much as I do Greg, who lives where we're all from, or even Russ, who lives in Kentucky. So when I do see Jeff, we get concentrated time rather than short visits, which is where The Best Day comes in.

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, I got to hang out with Jeff for the first time since Christmas. A lot has happened since Christmas, and I'm not really in a season full of guy friends right now, so getting to see and debrief and talk and laugh with Jeff was just the most fantastic thing I could've asked for. Not to mention, we saw each other in one of our favorite cities, New Orleans, so that was wonderful and the weather was perfect and the food was as delicious as it's made out to be.

I've been working like a dog lately, and I've been tired physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Very few people in my life are like vitamin shots to my soul, but everyone mentioned in this blog is, including Jeff. And I suspect that just hanging out and laughing over po-boys did more for my soul than a vacation ever could.

This song is by Taylor Swift, and is called "The Best Day":

So, to my sweet mother and excellent father, and my beautiful-in-every-way sister, and my brother-in-law who exceeds expectations, and to my ever-growing nephew who makes me smile by thinking of him, and to Russell D. who continues to inspire me and make me proud, and Greg, who can crack me up with a one-line text, thank you for all those Best Days. There have been many, and I can't hear this song without thinking of each of you, and so many others from my childhood.

And to Jeffrey Allen, who is really too cool to be hanging out with me but does anyway, and who does for my spirit what Dyanne does for my hair, I really did have The Best Day with you. Thank you for sharing your time and wonderfulness with me. :-)

* The pic above is of Russ, Jeff, myself and Greg on Christmas Eve 2009 at Nanny and Pop Ball's house. Have I mentioned I love these people?!


  1. You're making me tear up! Bravo!

  2. I hope you realize how wonderful you are, and how much I appreciate you and enjoy you being in my life. Your words are too kind, but I appreciate them. But next time, I want to go with you to Nola, and I want you to title the blog, "The Even Better Day". Deal?

  3. you are so amazing.. i just love you more every day!!!

    all my days with you are best days!!
    love, dyanne


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