Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I realized a while back that I work better in less confined spaces, at least where words are concerned.

So rather than making actual new year's resolutions, I started going with a broader term to encompass what I wanted to achieve that year: Explore. Remove the excess. Embrace.

You get the picture.

The goals I've had in mind lately were clear, but I hadn't found The Word yet. Then Keri Grayson Horn, a Mississippi friend, posted a Facebook status about momentum. And graciously let me piggyback.

So there we are! All set. Momentum. Take some goals, get moving, keep momentum. Keep doing what's working, with momentum. Delete what's holding me back, and press on with...momentum!

While, like everything, I'm sure it sounds a lot easier than it is, I'm looking forward to this newness.

So. Watch this space. It'll be interesting to see how much momentum I pick up in 2012.

And, of course, happy new year. :-)

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