Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Word About 2013.

Literally -- I like to assign a word or theme to the new year instead of making resolutions. (Or I think in my case, I bundle my resolutions like an internet/cable package and just choose a nice topic to keep them all in line.)

It so happens that SoulPancake, one of my very favorite new-ish website /apps /innovations (by none other than The Office's Rainn Wilson), asked their version of the concept today: Basically, what if we assigned a word to our ideas for this year instead of making resolutions? What would your word be?

I told SoulPancake as I told friends last night while discussing resolutions and as I'm telling you gentle readers now: my word this year is:

1. Conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness. 
2. The achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.
(Source: google)

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I like the second definition best, and obviously, this is for what I consider "mundane" tasks -- finances, chores, health situations -- you know, those essentials that pretty much keep you running properly and sane on a regular basis. Last year's word was Maintenance, and score!, because I was able to maintain some health elements that have turned out to benefit me in more ways than just aesthetically. The year before, I think my word was Balance or Chilling or something equally soothing.

So, Consistency. Something I must apply this to so many areas of my life, including those I should've achieved well before my mid- to late 30s. 

Hmmm. After rereading that last bit, maybe next year's word should be Guiltlessness? Is that a word? 

What about you? Do you choose a word, topic, general ideal, goal, or resolution?

Or do you prefer to set goals throughout the year and stay away from the new year situation?

Either way, happy 2013. May the best and brightest of this new page on the calendar be yours. 

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  1. Nothing wrong with consistency, no matter when you begin to achieve it. I can't imagine anything sadder than someone saying "I'm too old to change now".


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