Thursday, July 19, 2007

my little white cotton puff

I often joke about inviting my friends and coworkers to step into the lap of luxury when they ride with me, because my little white getaway mobile is so very un-new and un-trendy. It's a 2001 Chevy Cavalier with manual everything (except transmission, of course -- I'm still a girly girl who never got past her fear of The Clutch). Most people, I'm sure, see me buzzing around and inwardly shake their heads, wondering what my deal is. Why won't I just suck it up and purchase a new, fun car?

That's a great question. I mean, for crying out loud, brand new cars, trucks and SUVs are being assembled less than 100 feet away from my desk each day. But while I do love the new car look and smell, and admit freely that nothing compares to the feel of vroom beneath my latest 5 1/2 strappy heel purchase, at this point in life I'm an even bigger fan of less-is-more. And even though my little white getaway mobile is on the older side, it's clean, it works, and for the love of Pete, it's paid for.

So it was undergoing some maintenance this month and I've been driving other (newer, more automated) cars. Chevy Impala. Chrysler 300. Ford Escape. (All made long after the turn of the century, mind you.)

But I hafta say...nothing compared to the feeling I had when I manually unlocked my familiar door today and stepped back into my world. My paid for, working, tidy little world. It really made me smile. I think it's the sense of comfort, peace of mind, and overall contentment that keep me attached to my current stage of life, including that much-worn car.

And that's why as of today, my little white getaway mobile will forevermore be synonymously referred to as my little white cotton puff, thanks to Liz. Because, after all, at this stage of the game, comfort, peace of mind, and overall contentment definitely are the fabric of my life.

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THREE CHEERS for Rebekah from Work!! You are totally right! I love my little green F-150 as's as broken-in, seat-just-th-way-I-like-it, feels like home and PAID OFF!! I do applaud you for not falling for the "gotta have more" this world is always throwing at us! I'll be sure and honk and proudly waive at the next "more mature" vehicle I see on the road. Thanks for the post! -Rebecca the sister
Posted by Rebecca on July 23, 2007 - Monday 11:39 AM

I love it!! Rebekah-you are my very favorite REDHEAD! I am cracking up!! I am one of those that are trying to find myself and usually do it by getting a "new" (used) car pretty often although I think I have found true love with my '02 Lexus RX300 Coach Edition and I've had it almost a year! I love the way it wizzes aound and my very favorite part? Its GOLD all the way down. Not one of those two-toned ones. Her name is Goldie and she's been faithful thus far. My problem is that I have Champagne taste but live on a Beer Budget!! My ultimate dream car? The 2007 Infiniti QX56
Posted by DENITA on July 25, 2007 - Wednesday 5:27 PM

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