Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Apple Store

This evening, I was reminded that I live in one of the South's coolest cities. (Not temperature-wise, but coolness-wise.)

After the gym, I ran by the Mall of Louisiana's new Apple Store for some technical support. When I walked in, I was immediately surrounded by....cool. (And not just from the A/C.) I wondered if I fit in, but then realized it didn't matter, since I was there for technical support. This wasn't some club I had to have membership to; I needed help.

Walking past the Kid Mac Zone -- which was, of course, complete with ball-shaped bean bags and mini Macs -- to the front, where people were sitting at barstools being helped by employees, I waited in line for a few minutes until I realized there was probably some protocol I was totally clueless about. Turning around to the (much cooler than me) girl cradling her Mac notebook behind me, I said, "Are you in line?" She, of course, responded with, "No. I'm just waiting for my appointment with the concierge."

Appointment? Concierge? Did Carl submit my resume' before purchasing my iPod so that I could actually qualify for this gift?!

Stepping back, I asked the guy near Cool Girl who was typing on a computer, "Is that where we make reservations with the concierge?" He said, "I think so, but it doesn't work." So I asked the girl, "Do we just stand here to make our appointments?" She, of course, responded very nonchalantly, "Well, maybe. But I made mine online."

Realizing this was not going to be the quick technical support trip I had envisioned, I attempted a graceful exit with some lame joke about needing to go home and make my appointment. With a concierge. For another day.

Which I just did...for Friday evening. I'll keep you posted on how uncool they diagnose me to be. I fear it could be serious.

Ah well. At least I still live in a cool city.


hibbs is what they call me
hahaha! We have one in Birmingham, and I felt the same way when I went in to buy my MacBook. As soon as I walked in the Apple store, all the "coolness" I thought I possessed beforehand left when I enter those doors. I seriously felt it leave my body and I was so depressed! I remember telling Julie these exact words when I got home ... "I am not cool enough to shop there." But luckily I found a really "cool" employee that helped me out!
Posted by hibbs is what they call me on August 13, 2008 - Wednesday - 9:29 AM

ha ha ha!!! i feel the same way when i call them for support on the phone. obviously, i don't live in a "cool" enough city to have a store. thank God! i have since resorted to recruiting help from my 15 yr old nephew and my 9 yr old niece. And, they think I am "like, totally cool". so, it works out for us all! LOL
Posted by RE RE on August 14, 2008 - Thursday - 9:17 AM

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