Thursday, November 9, 2006

letter I don't intend to send (11/8/06)

Dear Fellow Drivers of Jackson, Mississippi:

It's very special to me that we get to share the roads we drive.
In a fast-paced world that's less personal than ever, it's a strange sort of comfort to know that no matter where I go in the Jackson-Metro area, you are sure to be there...slowly driving in front of me in the left lane, hurriedly rushing over to the middle or right lane to cut me off unexpectedly, and even, on the most cherished occasions, riding my -- ahem -- bumper, even when I'm going over the speed limit.

I mean, it's obvious that you always want to be around me, and I'm truly flattered. I am! But sometimes, a girl needs a break. (Not from you, of course, but from the general hustle and bustle involved in driving around you.)
Tell you birthday has come and gone with nothing more than (the sweet but obligatory) honks and special waves from you, so let's do something special to commemorate this, the weekend I move from one apartment to another. K? K!

In honor of my last few round trips involving Lakeland Drive, let's -- it's radical, so listen up! -- let's give rebekah some space! That's right! When you see that little white car with the redhead at the wheel, just take a deep breath, grab that Prozac, and let her do her thing!

I know I'm asking a lot, and I sincerely don't expect each of you to be able to sacrifice this much this soon, but for those of you who can, wow. I will so appreciate it.

And you know what? I may even try to give you some space, too. Why, you may ask, should I have to sacrifice on my special moving weekend? Well, because that's just the way I roll.

So thanks for this! I look forward to catching you in my rearview mirror very soon. Lots of love!

rebekah ;-)

p.s. If you think you've ever seen me being one of those impatient, inconsiderate drivers, I beg your pardon! (It wasn't me.)

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I love you girl! Be careful with the moving! I hate moving... how ironic for a woman who moves several times a year it seems. ;o)
Posted by Çhr阮ïñå on November 8, 2006 - Wednesday 3:24 PM [Remove] [Reply to this]

Reason #1,726 why I love RJ: Her blogs! :D
Posted by Ashley on November 9, 2006 - Thursday 12:06 PM [Remove] [Reply to this]

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