Saturday, December 19, 2009

Henry Poole Is Here (no spoilers included).

I watched "Henry Poole Is Here" on Netflix, thinking it would be more of a comedy than a deep-thinking indie film. (I also assumed I was in the mood for a comedy, but this was perfect for me at the time I watched it.)

Even if I don't agree with them all, I love reading books and watching movies that make me think in different ways, and this one did just that. Starring Luke Wilson, Radha Mitchell, and other recognizable actors (like George Lopez), the film was well put together, and definitely made for something I'll be mulling over for a while.

So, without adding any spoilers, if you like that sort of thing, too, I highly recommend checking this out.

But maybe not if you know you need an out-and-out comedy. ;-)

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