Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it Sneaux, Let it Sneaux...

Ok. So I know the song traditionally repeats that line three times. But since this is the second year in a row* we've gotten snow in Baton Rouge, I couldn't help but stop at two. 

*(By the way, in case you don't know, getting winter weather in the South is kind of a big deal... Much less in Baton Rouge, Lousiana... Much less TWO YEARS IN A ROW!)

(And for those who may not know the reasoning behind the "eaux" spelling I use so often, it's the Cajun-French word assimilation for the pronunciation "oh." When I was growing up on the MS Gulf Coast, for instance, Dedeaux was pronounced "dee-doh.")

So, back to topic. BR was predicted for a "wintery mix" this past weekend, and a wintery mix we got! It was part snow, much rain, some sleet, and bitter cold (for these parts, at least).  I've been falling apart and down with allergies for the majority of my residency here, including last weekend, so I missed getting out and about in the wintery mix. But I did brave the cold for a few seconds here and there to get some shots outside of my balcony door. :-)

Our wintery mix had a lot of rain, happened around 7ish, and didn't stick, but it was fun and seasonally exciting just the same!

1. Snow from my balcony! This shot proved I was not hallucinating, which was a huge relief.
2. My new (to me) car, Lady Bling, gets her first snow, which she took very, very well.

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