Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Back, Everybody!

A few years ago, my nephew had what he realized was his first Christmas break from anything. In his case, the break was from "the Little Lambs School," his church's preschool. Throughout the break, he was convinced he was missing out on what his friends in his class were doing. No amount of discussion could change his mind or relay that actually, everyone had a break from Little Lambs. After Christmas when school started back, I asked my sister and brother-in-law how he felt about going back. They said he was excited to see his friends, and on his first day after the break, he marched into his classroom, shrugged off his little backpack, threw his arms wide open and yelled, "I back, everybody!"

That is how I feel today -- as though I am reentering a part of my world that I have missed like crazy. After a few VERY long months of moving and trying to get settled in and working around several milestones in between, I'm finally back in the blogosphere.

Since blogging is undoubtedly a therapeutical outlet for me, you can probably expect to see a few more posts than what have been coming through lately. Which would total...more than zero. :-)

It's already good to be back.


  1. Just so you know - I'm SO glad your back!!

  2. I am so glad you are back too.


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