Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving.

If you're on Facebook or Twitter, you might've seen the "30 Days of Thanksgiving" trend popping up in your newsfeed. 

I know I already do the "5 things I'm grateful for" posts (kind of sporadically), but I am participating in the 30-day trend, and will try to update my blog weekly with each day's reason for thanksgiving throughout the month.

So far, my list includes:

  • Day 30: I'm grateful for the chance to have gone places I've fallen in mad, eternal love with. DC, NYC, Boston, St. Louis...
  • Day 29: I'm thankful for exposure to variety, and that it fascinates and compels me to do and be more.
  • Day 28: Very grateful I haven't had foot issues forever & that I didn't deal w/ them during weddings or while traveling.
  • Day 27: I appreciate every day and with deep fervor each of the broken roads that've led me straight to here.
  • Day 26: Grateful for family who are also friends. 
  • Day 25: Beyond thankful for grace -- God's and man's.
  • Day 24: I'm so grateful to live in the land of the free. The ability to do, be & believe what I choose is a precious gift. 
Stay tuned for more. :-)

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