Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Tennis Shoes: Open to Suggestions!

So, some of you know that I'm stuck in tennis shoes 24/7 due to a foot issue.

Some people this is no big deal. If you're one of those people and are a female who loves dresses and shoes and being in public, I hope that you never have to experience this issue.

Very related to the tennis shoes regimen, I'm desperately seeking serenity these days. The first 4 months' of treatment has not been working, which means I'm in this predicament for goodness knows how long until the right treatment does work.

I've learned that despite my best efforts, some things I need to achieve serenity are:
  • Socializing...
  • public
  • ...where I don't feel like my attire sticks out like a sore thumb
(There are others, but three are enough for tonight.)

So, I'm now taking suggestions for your ideas of places I can go and socialize in public without sticking out like a sore thumb...while in tennis shoes. And  while wearing attire that matches tennis shoes.

Not the weak effort of "dress pants" at work that just makes me feel like a less attractive Ellen who cannot dance, is not funny, and is not doing this ensemble on purpose.



  1. Here!! You and your tennis shoes will fit in very well at my house!!!

  2. The food court at the mall. You can combine shopping therapy, people watching and socializing! Who doesn't like going to the mall??? And it's somewhere you can go and just wear jeans and tennis shoes :)
    Rachel B

  3. 1. Girls night in, Sporty Spice style
    2. A book club, poetry reading, or lecture series where the focus is on the intellectual, not physical
    3. Sporting events like LSU basketball, tennis, gymnastics (football games involve lots of hiking)
    4. Orthopedist office for a second opinion on the foot
    5. Cooking class or wine tasting class where you are mostly sitting

  4. you can come to my tacky christmas party in your tackiest sweater and tennis shoes :)


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