Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ready, ok!

I'm really ready to be off crutches, but moreso ready to be 100%.

Here are a few things I'd love to jump (ha!) into once I get this cast off and am able to function normally:

1. A color run. They seem fun. I like fun.
2. Go back to the gym. I donate to this cause and feel I should benefit occasionally.
3. Shave my casted leg. I'm thinking it's grody.
4. Get a pedicure on my casted foot. Pretty sure it's equally grody.
5. Wear dresses. See 3 + 4.
6. Carry things on my own, like coffee, and plates, and boxes, without relying on others.
7. Open doors without burning 4,836,592 calories each time.
8. Walk in the rain without worrying that my crutches will slide around like death stilts waiting to take me to my casket.
9. Go into a store and be able to pick up items and make a transaction.
10. Clean without putting my life in danger.

There are others, like DANCE, but I'm stopping at 10. You're welcome!

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