Thursday, October 11, 2007

king of da nial

This week my nephew, who coined one of my more recent nicknames, "Da Bekah," demonstrated his denial about my move to Baton Rouge. Apparently, his conversation with my sister came out of the clear blue sky the other night and went something like this:

Caleb: Mom, why did Bekah have to go back to Jackson?

Kim: Well, when she went back to Jackson this summer after we saw her, it was because she had to go back to work. But now she doesn't live in Jackson. She's in Baton Rouge. That's in Louisiana.

Caleb: No she isn't.

Kim: Yes she is.

Caleb: No she isn't.

Kim: Yes she is.

After about five minutes of this, Kim realized she was sounding like the 4-year-old in the convo and agreed to disagree with the little man. And a few minutes later, Caleb reached over and quietly reinforced his point while patting her leg:
"Bekah lives in Jackson, Mom."

I have to hand it to our future president (vote Caleb Wood 2038!) -- change can be a little difficult to adjust to, particularly when it happens quickly and when we've been so used to the status quo.

I, however, am fully aware that I am becoming more and more rooted in this ever-creative land chock full of culture and spices, and that I'm having a really good time exploring this new state.

And I have a children's book of Louisiana on order for the little man, which I will send to him with a Caleb's world-specific map of our gulf states so he'll know exactly where Da Bekah went, saying goodbye to da nial...maybe.

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Kids are hilarious! Kimberly is exactly the same way, it is like her favorite thing to tell me very 'matter-of-factly' what "IS" and "What IS not" So. All that matters to her is what she things "IS"... it can be ranch dressing... but to her... it is most definitely "Ketchup".
Posted by Just Music on October 12, 2007 - Friday 3:31 AM

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