Friday, May 9, 2008

letting the good times boil

According to a recent Zatarain's billboard, we're all supposed to be letting the good times boil these days. So who is Hancock Bank to shy away from that challenge? Not us, no way. Tonight we presented our annual Hancock Bank of Louisiana Crawfish Boil (and my first HUGE event with the bank), and it was oh-so-much fun.

I hate to gush, lest I be criticized post-event for anything and everything that may have gone wrong, but it really was a good time. The food was abundant, the volunteers (HB employees) were eager, and laughter was in full force.

Now if I could only wind down from 2 months of planning, 1 week of working the latest nights in America, and 24 hours of worrying my little red head off that things wouldn't go precisely as planned. ;-)

Happy sigh.

Of course, next year I won't be "the new girl" anymore, so everything will HAVE to be perfect.


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HA! And I thought this was going to be about how hot it is out!!!! I got a sunburn this weekend. I let the good times boil too much. Dang! Now you've made me hungry...
Posted by Susan on May 11, 2008 - Sunday 2:23 PM

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