Tuesday, July 1, 2008

my daily plate (dot com)

In response to my whining and moaning about my need to watch my weight, a friend told me a couple of weeks ago about a website that might help raise my awareness about what I eat: www.mydailyplate.com

I tried it and guess what? It's really interesting, and definitely keeps me accountable when I see how many calories I have consumed by (and sometimes before!) lunch, and what the site recommends I eat (or don't eat) for the rest of the day.

Check it out if you're interested - it's free to sign up, and a great way to keep track of what's going in your body on a daily basis.

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I always knew you were a goddess! I've used some other sites before but have never been thrilled with them! HUGE THANKS!!!

Posted by *Michelle* on July 1, 2008 - Tuesday 9:02 PM

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