Monday, August 27, 2007


In honor of my first day out of the 601 area code in eight years, I've reflected on the top 10 things I'll miss about Jackson/Metro now that I'm officially living in the BR:

10. Hearing "Sweet Home Alabama" sung with the standard "Mississippi" replacement.

9. Keifer's.

8. Pool time with those who make me laugh.

7. Popping up over the cubicle to vent to/grimace at/chat/cackle/catch up with Bethanie and Lish.

6. The Jackson Free Press.

5. The many Old Canton Roads one can find herself on at any time of the day or night.

4. Easy access to my GNOs...with a special emphasis on the Gs.

3. Caleb's grumpy farewell of, "I guess you just gonna put on them big ol' sandals and go all the way back to Mississippi."

2. Buffalo Wild Wings. (I know it's a chain, but still...)

1. My main big man. :-(

That said, I still believe I made the right decision in moving and I know I'll be fine here. I mean, I am in the coolest little condo (which I'll blog more about later) and a really fun town with great places to go and things to do. Plus, I'm already enjoying the potential challenges of my new job!

I guess when it comes right down to it, y'all, I'm still a Mississippi girl.

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