Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dribbling into newness.

Last week, I attended my first basketball game since the mid-90s. This was also, I think, my first post-high school game, and I loved it! LSU's men's team played South Carolina (and won).

I have always enjoyed football, hockey, and soccer, and am even a rare fan of the occasional (albeit slow) baseball game, but basketball never really caught my attention before. Why? IDK.

I'm definitely no expert, but (so far), here are the things I love about b-ball:
1. The fast pace.
2. The intimacy of the setting. (Such a smaller venue than football - you feel like you can practically touch the players and the game.)
3. The spirit of the fans.
4. Something adrenaline-rushing in between football seasons!
5. The clarity of the game. No, I don't know what players get fouled for every time, but the sport was relatively simple to pick up on. As a 32-yo newbie, I appreciated that.

Never one to leave an event undocumented, I took my camera ;-) and tried very hard to get some good action shots. However, I think I missed them each time (see #1 on the list above). I've posted a couple of pics I did get here, though.

Thanks to Tiffany for the ticket and introduction to this new-to-RJ sport; I had a blast and hope to attend again soon!

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