Sunday, January 4, 2009

Though None Go With Me

I have a knack for picking out really random indie-type films when I rent movies that I'm going to watch by myself. Today, though, I was intrigued by a movie based on a story by Jerry B. Jenkins, who wrote the "Left Behind" series. As one of the only people in the universe who did not read those books and is not familiar with Jenkins' writing style, I surprised myself by renting the movie anyway.

The synopsis said if you liked "The Notebook," this one would grab your heart and hold it (or something equally sweet). I def didn't need to watch anything sad, but I was in the mood for something more serious than my other choice that was in stock today at my local Redbox, which was "House Bunny." ;-)

While I don't limit myself to them, I love reading books that are written from a Christian perspective and by Christians, and this movie starring Cheryl Ladd was great, too. Very sweet, and told a good, solid story of faith in God despite one's trials.

I recommend! Like most chick flicks, though, I can't promise guys will like it. ;-)

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