Monday, March 9, 2009

Full o' thanks.

Two weekends, several childhood friends, a couple of cousins that stick closer than a brother, and numerous items checked off my "to do" list later, I finally remember to name 5 things I'm thankful for. Nice.

Better late than never, hopes this redhead. Here goes...this week, I'm thankful for:

1. Sun-shi-ey-ine....on a cloudy day. The weather has been spectacular here, and though I'm thankful for my job and friends who keep me in demand over the weekend....I could actually have started a tan by now. Seriously! A-maz-ing.

2. A Nan who loves me and "is so proud of" my fashion sense, yet still wants to see "a little Rebekah" before she dies, hon-ey. Bless her.

3. Cousins who do - and have - and always will - stick closer than brothers to this redhead (and her sister). I will never stop adoring Rus(ty), Jeff, and Greg, and am thankful that with each convo and stage of life, they show that it's mutual. If only all girls could be so blessed.

4. To work for a place with stability, security, and a conservative frame of mind in a time where that's unusual, but applauded. Hancock Bank was recently named 8th in the Top 150 banks by Bank Director magazine, a fact we couldn't be prouder of. Not accepting a bailout has never been such a badge of honor! Go HB!

5. A 5-year-old nephew who thinks enough of me to leave the occasional v-mail, though not long and not unscripted. :-) Usually goes something like this:

Bro-in-law: Ok, now, say hey!

Nephew: Hey Bekah!

Bro-in-law: Hope you're having a good day.

Nephew: Hope you're havin' a GREAT day!

Bro-in-law: I love you....

Nephew: I love you.... BYE!

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