Sunday, March 15, 2009


The five things I'm most thankful for from the past week are:

1. Friends who are fun and precious and priceless -- even when I'm at my most unlovable.

2. ENTs! Who knew allergies would attack my very soul when I moved to Baton Rouge?!

3. Patience. It is truly a virtue, and while I don't have much of it, God has put me in a (literal and figurative) place where I'm surrounded by it, especially when I need it the most. And in situations where I totally don't deserve it, and am constantly surprised by it!

4. Wedding bells! My best guy friend -- really, I guess he truly is my BEST guy friend -- has found the love of his life (also a sweetie, and from the Coast - yay!) and they're making it official! How exciting?!?! Congratulations, Jams & M'Licious!

5. Hope. Goodness knows there's not a lot of it floating around out there, but I sure am glad for the bit of it that gets thrown my way every now and then. And again, just when I need it most. :-)

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