Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name...

I have a lot of nicknames. Especially for a girl.

(I'm not trying to pull the "unique, just like a snowflake" card, but I really think I do.)

It first started with "Bekah Rell," my sweet sister's abbreviation of my first and middle names. Then came "Bekah," which has stuck with a lot of people (mainly family and close friends) for a very long time.

Then, or maybe before those, was "Bekah Boo." I have fond memories of my mom calling out to me in the yard or house or wherever -- "Bekah Boo, where are you?"

And somehow, a few select people in my life have picked up on that -- but not because they heard it. It's kind of uncanny. So I can count on one hand the number of people who have called me "Bekah Boo," but they totally stand out, because that was my mother's special name for me.

Then, true to form, a great friend and former coworker Kelly Shannon sensed that name but added her own "Boo" to the mix, creating "Bekah Boo Boo."

And in high school, there was "Bekah J.," which really stuck throughout college, too.

So, to tally (because I know you're keeping track), we have:
  1. Bekah Rell
  2. Bekah
  3. Bekah Boo
  4. Bekah J.
  5. Bekah Boo Boo
Then, there came "Firechild," from a great friend and former coworker who unfortunately saw way too much of my redheaded temper not to tag me with that.

Growing up, my daddy referred to me as "Trouble." (No trace-back for that, I'm sure. Just random.)

As an adult, somewhere in my mid-20s, this guy I dated and another great guy friend started "RJ." I really don't know who came up with it first, but recently, another guy friend swears he started it. So I'm letting him win. (Congrats, Chuck.)

RJ has stuck for a while. I use it a lot myself. It's fun.

So also in adulthood, I've acquired Big Johnson, Phattie, Beak, Bookah, and ReJo. 

The grand total is:
  1. Bekah Rell
  2. Bekah
  3. Bekah Boo
  4. Bekah J.
  5. Bekah Boo Boo
  6. Firechild
  7. Trouble
  8. Polly (I forgot this one in the list -- thanks, Jenn) ;-)
  9. Miss Priss (Also forgot this, from my childhood dentist)
  10. RJ
  11. Big Johnson
  12. Phattie
  13. Bookah
  14. Beak
  15. ReJo
I think that's it.

I really wish I could say I have nifty personas and costumes and wigs and poses for all these names. I don't think I do, though. I mean, yes, I've gotten older -- and sadly probably not much wiser -- but I'm a virtual flytrap for nicknames. I don't mind this. It's fun.

I also give them out very liberally, so watch out!

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