Friday, May 14, 2010

Cinco de Beko.

It has been a WHILE since I posted five things I'm thankful for. I know I've had a little bit going on, but for the love. That's really no excuse not to stop and smell at least five roses now and then.

So, given that, here are five things in my life I am thankful for, right this minute, at the ungodly hour I'm blogging instead of sleeping due to mistimed adrenaline:

1. The Help.  The book with this title will get its own special post very soon, but right now, I'm superbly grateful not only that I read the book, but also that I got some Help of my own during this Busy Event Season. Since I started my current job in August of 2007, I have desperately needed some temporary assistance with my bank's annual Baton Rouge-area customer appreciation Crawfish Boil, and praise the Lord, I got it this time! And not only did I get it, I got it good. Aimee is an amazingly kind and hard worker, with an enthusiasm I forgot I once had. It's good to be reminded of those things sometimes. The Rebekah of 10 years ago... wow. She also worked like a dog, not because the project's success would ultimately land on her, but because it was new, and she craved doing a good job, and was new to that world, and needed to prove to those around her that she had something to offer, and that it was good. ::sigh:: Good reminder. And GREAT help.

2. Opportunities.  Sometimes opportunities come around, and though the turnaround to take advantage of them may be tight, there is absolutely no denying God's timing in them. I've experienced a big example of that lately, and am actually in the throes of it, and am just amazed when I think about the positive change it will be for me. And grateful. So. Very. Grateful.

3. Ideas.   Often, during hectic times when I barely remember to set an alarm by the end of the night, I feel fresh out of new ideas. Yet give me a few breaths of fresh air, or the right combination of songs on the radio, or a little bit of time to just be, and bam! Here they are again. I've heard of people feeling antsy after they retire. I think I would feel antsy if I didn't have that rush of new ideas every once in a while. It keeps me going, and allows me an outlet for creativity that is much-needed and much-appreciated.

4. Puppies!!!!   Oh yes, my friends, puppies. :-D   They're not mine, but my parents recently got two wriggly little things and I just can't get enough of them. And this is after one 24-hour visit! Mmmm mmm.  I love me some puppy time. Let the good times roll! In the grass! With the puppies!!!

5. Constants.   The things that never change are so very, very underrated. Like my sister and brother-in-law, for instance, and my parents. What would I do without the stability they offer, when so much of the world is spinning like a top?! I love having 5 special friends who I can text when I learn a dear kindred spirit has been diagnosed with cancer. And that no matter where I am, I must let Robert know when I see a mullet. And that despite good or bad days at school, or sickness, or rainy weather, my nephew can always make me smile, if not laugh hysterically.  The older I get, the more I realize that so many things I didn't anticipate to be seasonal are. And so many people are, too. This epiphany was sad at first, and can still be tough, but wow. The contstants definitely make it worth it.

So this is what happens when I go too long without expressing gratitude? I turn a list of 5 things into 5 pages. Good grief.

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