Tuesday, January 16, 2007

TGIT (Thank God it's Tuesday)

I've just returned from an adventuresome road trip with friends who are exceptionally near and dear to my heart, so why, one might ask, am I thanking God it's Tuesday (particularly when Tuesday means the road trip is over)?

There are a few explanations for this. Some of the main reasons I'm thanking God it's Tuesday, despite the fact I'm away from my friends and back in the "real world" are...

1. This Tuesday begins a really short work week, which is always fun.

2. I have some pretty hilarious memories to think back on when I start missing my girls...

3. The pictures are now downloaded and it doesn't matter if my battery dies.

4. My suitcase is unpacked and back in its hiding place, as opposed to acting as the center of my entire wardrobe.

5. Coming home from a fun getaway -- albeit adventuresome, and not always in a good way -- allows me to sincerely and blissfully appreciate my norm. Who'd have thunk it?

6. I got to hang out with yet another set of fun friends tonight. Woohoo!!!

7. I have more than my car charger to rely on for keeping my phone alive.

8. I know the road system here.

9. I know that there's a strong probability we'll have a next time, and I can already start looking forward to that.

(Thanks, girls. I love you.)

Posted by Christy (Kris) on January 17, 2007 - Wednesday 8:53 AM

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