Sunday, November 4, 2007

deep breaths

So I've been having these really weird dreams lately. I mean, my dreams are always a little off kilter but these have been even more off than usual. So for totally unrelated reasons, I decided to jet off to Jacktown this weekend for some good R&R with good friends, familiar sights, and one heck of a great boyfriend.
I'm thoroughly enjoying where I am and what I'm doing, but after having been sick and moving to a new place in the same week, things are definitely in a state of unrest, to say the least. I knew I would be going out of town some again this week and weekend, but the thought of a weekend of unpacking was just way too daunting, so I did what any self-respecting Southern girl does when the goin' gets tough. The tough got goin' and I got the heck out of dodge.

Even though the unpacking fairies had not come to my little Baton Rouge townhouse as I had hoped while I was away, the rebekah-centered part of my plan worked. I took many deep breaths and just enjoyed being. I liked that. I hung out with C and enjoyed many great meals and moments with him, including a night of voices gone hoarse, blood pressure gone high and texts gone wild with Jams (live from Tuscaloosa) as the Tigers fought their way to a rather tough victory over Alabama. And talk about relaxation...I got to have brunch -- brunch!!! -- and incredible quality girl time with two of my best good girlfriends (invaluable, Skye and Bethanie). I saw sweet Rachel while watching the game and even got to pop into Liz and SD's for a few minutes (nice do, Kate). And when it came time to leave, it was nice knowing that even though C and I will both face a full work week and I'll make the trek to J-town again this coming weekend, there were no Sunday deadlines to meet or plans to keep up with. There's nothing like low-key.

Happy sighs. Deep breaths. Good times. And maybe -- hopefully -- sweeter dreams.

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The girly-time brunch & shopping was much-needed for me as well. LOVED it!
Posted by Bethanie on November 5, 2007 - Monday 4:49 PM

Yay! Good for you. I always love stopping by to see how things are going. :)
Posted by Just Music on November 7, 2007 - Wednesday 12:48 AM

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