Friday, November 16, 2007

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.

This week I had to make a surprise trip to our Gulfport office. This isn't a bad thing -- so far, I've gotten to tie in visits with family and sometimes even friends when I'm there -- it was just really unexpected, especially having the news come about an hour before close of business on Wednesday when I was supposed to leave at 6:30am on Thursday. But since the meetings I needed to attend held info that would be valuable for me in the long run, I changed the plans and made the trip. I had no idea that not only would I not get to see any friends or family during the jaunt, I would also get to see parts of myself I'd tucked far, far away, deep inside the heart of rj.

I made the trip with a coworker who'd already reserved one of our pool cars to go. This coworker and I are friends -- we are both in Marketing and do lunch together often -- but so far have been really connected by another Marketing girl whom I happened to get to know before this one. So this was the first rj/Shannon one-on-one time, and I really had a blast.

Much laughter, two long meetings, hundreds of miles and many stories into the trip, we delved on the way home tonight into a subject I haven't discussed with anyone in a while: spirituality. I have needed to discuss this subject; I've even wanted to discuss it. The topic just hasn't come up (nor have I broached it).

As always, it was terribly refreshing to meet and talk intelligently with someone who shares the same (what I hope I can call of myself) purity of heart and interest in a life well-lived. But it was also equally refreshing to share brutal honesty and slacking stories with someone whom I knew from prior convos would not judge me, but whom would be honest with me about her thoughts and feelings on particular matters.

I do love being female. I think this invisible bond that connects us all is so amazing. I also love being a redhead, and being quirky (even a bit crazy at times), and being a Southern girl (can 31-year-olds still be girls? Hmmm). And even more than that, I love being transparent and free and clear to discuss what's on my mind and heart, even when it might not be socially (or spritually) acceptable or timed correctly.

So I had the amazing experience of bonding, sharing, exchanging heartfelt feelings, ideas and laughter with someone whom I also get to work and lunch with -- and while on a work trip.

So at the end of what has felt like a very long day, I hafta say, the surprise Gulfport trip was a good surprise, even if I didn't get to catch up with old friends or even my parents.

And without doubt, I had one of the more memorable times of my life.

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We all need these conversations! And so often don't realize who is already in place nearby to share them with. I'm so glad you felt free and hope that the feeling lasts and the friendship has just begun!
Posted by lotts2tel on November 20, 2007 - Tuesday 8:19 PM

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