Wednesday, December 26, 2007

my revolution

I went home for a very brief Christmas trip, which was the best decision I have made about what to do with my discombobulated self in the last few days.

Here's why:
* Family time can be therapeutic -- and it was.
* My sweet puppy loves me and is not afraid to show it.
* Familiarity.
* My daddy's fire-building skills (and the great time we spent relaxing in front of the fireplace because of those skills).
* My mother's cooking skills (and the wonderful time I spent savoring the tastes of home because of those skills).
* Timing.
* Peacefulness.
* Christmas Eve at Nan's! :-)
* Seeing Aunt Mildred resting peacefully before I left to come back tonight.
* Taking some great pics of my Grandma Johnson's church...a place that was so centric to who she was and her character that lives on years after her human life ended.
* Knowing those I love who were far away -- specifically Kim & Co., C and Russ -- were where they needed to be, enjoying time with their families.

So my trip home clearly allowed my spirits to do a 180, which I so appreciate! And I have made up my mind that when the darkness creeps back in -- because it surely will -- I will just have to let the hardness of being new and alone in this town fade, and (forcibly) reorient myself to the great parts of that positioning: anonymity (love it!), freedom from obligations, exploring, etc.

Here I go...welcome to my revolution!

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The power of prayer, it works! I am sooo glad you sound so well. Merry Christmas Bekah!
Posted by Carrie on December 26, 2007 - Wednesday 8:40 AM

Sometimes you can have that same discombobulated and lonely feeling at your very own home. I'm glad home helped you though! Happy New Year!
Posted by Amanda on December 27, 2007 - Thursday 1:08 PM

Very nicely said, my friend. You know, you can feel free to call or text whenever the blues seem to encroach a bit too far. We can all use a list of friends to call when such things happen - new town or no!
Posted by lotts2tel on December 28, 2007 - Friday 12:28 AM

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