Monday, December 31, 2007


My sister's precious son (a.k.a. my main little man, a.k.a. Caleb) turned four yesterday, leaving me to wonder where the time has gone. Don't get me wrong -- the little guy has definitely had his share of photography sessions (amateur and otherwise), spoiling, play sessions, and phone convos with "da Bekah," but FOUR YEARS OLD? Good grief.

This means that a mere cuatro anos ago, I was experiencing what I suppose is at least a distilled version of the deepest, most age-old connection that exists.

When I saw that baby, my life changed. Even though I didn't conceive, carry, go through labor with, or birth him, my precious sister did, so I felt a sliver of several of those steps. From the excitement of a confirmed pregnancy to the relief of three safe trimesters to pacing the hospital hallways to first laying eyes on that sweet bundle, many tears were shed and prayers lifted for that little man and his mommy and daddy.

And they still are. And will be always.

I had no idea what a fun title "aunt" could be, and I love the challenge and excitement of growing into it even more fully as this sweet, playful, crazy-witty little guy grows into his already vivacious personality.

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro...keep 'em coming.

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