Monday, December 17, 2007

Skipping Christmas?

A few years ago, I read John Grisham's book titled Skipping Christmas. At the time, I was delighted to think about and appreciate the value in doing just that -- foregoing the commercialism of the most wonderful time of the year, and just getting the heck out of dodge to take a breather. Of course, when I read it, I lived in a place where everyone knew my name as if the setting was the Cheers bar, and where I was ridiculously involved in so many activities that I barely took time for myself, much less the measured-out increments I gave to anyone else.

This year during the Christmas season, however, I live in a place where practically nobody knows my name, and I have more time for myself than I know what to do with. Maybe that's why my eyes have been more opened to the sights and sounds of Christmas than they have in a long time.

Granted, it could also be a result of RJ's Christmas in Stages -- having Christmas with the family during Thanksgiving (because that's when we saw Kim, Steve and Caleb), then semi-celebrating in BR throughout the month, then having C'mas with Carl last weekend, going to a few parties this week, going to the Coast for the actual holiday, then planning to re-live Christmas in January with my Jxn friends -- but still, even despite the fact that printer and computer issues have kept me from what has come to be a long-term goal of getting out Christmas cards, I think I'm feeling the true Christmas spirit more this year than I have in a while.

There's just something wonderful about experiencing so many of those loved traditions without the element of planning, organizing, and finding time in everyone's schedule to actually DO them -- like savoring Christmas lights as I drive around. And leisurely walking through the mall, hanging over the rail to look at the kiddos on Santa's lap. And actually writing out Christmas cards (whether or not they'll actually get sent before 12/24).

But I guess I'd better enjoy it this year. I won't be new, uncommitted, and able to simulate skipping everything forever!

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Hey Rebecca From work... I just had to comment on your post. Last year was my first Christmas as a married woman, so here I was in this new place with this new husband in a new apartment AND he had to work so we didnt even get to go home for the Holidays :( We didnt have much money for presents for each other, but we had JUST gotten TONS of wedding gifts. So we put up a tree, Rusty's first REAL tree mind you, I cooked lots of yummy food and we ate on our new Christmas china every meal til New Years! We didnt buy but 3 gifts for each other, which is now sortof our own tradition. Christmas Eve we went to church and then after we got ice cream and drove around looking at Christmas lights. We stopped in the city park on the Bentonville Square (home to the first Walton 5 and Dime where Sam Walton got his idea :) and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL lights there. We actually ran into a family there taking their annual family pics in the park in PAJAMAS and they invited us to Christmas dinner at their house, even though we decided to not go so we could have our own special Christmas dinner, it was soo sweet of them to offer. I only cried a few times and thought about missing out on all the family festivites in Star, but we had such a great first Christmas I don't think we'll ever forget it! This year, I've worked really hard to make it special so we've had friends over for dinner many times, hosted a carolling outing and even had our church young professional christmas party at our apartment club house!I'm glad you've had the chance to step back and enjoy those twinkling lights and the REAL MEANGING OF CHRISTMAS! Merry Christmas! Rebecca the Sister :)
Posted by Rebecca on December 18, 2007 - Tuesday 6:50 AM

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