Sunday, January 13, 2008

Carats -- good for the eyes?

This weekend, my Nan helped me shop for some stichwork of hers I wanted to have framed. As we waited in line at Michael's, we chatted a little with the attractive lady in front of us. It began, of course, with conversation about what she was having framed, then led to other topics.

During a lull, graceful as ever, Nan reached across me to the lady's left hand, commenting, "Honey, how many carats is your diamond?" The lady smiled humbly and said, "Three carats." After complimenting her ring's style and shine for a few minutes, Nan moved her left hand from her other side and put it on the counter, stating, "I just would've thought for sure your diamond was bigger than mine!"

The lady, of course, replied with the Southern grace and charm expected of us all, complimenting, "Oh my, how pretty! How big is your diamond?" Demurely, Nan replied, "Three point one carats."

I guess when it comes to carats, it's really important that our eyes be in good shape...

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Oh my goodness, I bet your Nan is somewhat of a firecracker! That's too funny. And whose finger can hold that many carats to begin with. I think I'd walk lop-sided! Anyway, your rich, and unique point of view is refreshing as always. Hope all is well for you there. My last board meeting is Tuesday. "sniff, sniff." Melissa Brewer Lott will be a great VP tho'. I'm estactic they chose to elect her!
Posted by lotts2tel on January 13, 2008 - Sunday 7:05 PM

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