Thursday, October 16, 2008

High Five

Shannon, myself, and Angela with my beautiful flowers.

Five things I have had to be thankful for in the past week:

1. A job with the flexibility and headquarters that allow me to go home when I need to, and to tie in a (brief) visit to my uncle's visitation during a week when it otherwise would've been a stretch.

2. A strong family with strong ties and an even stronger faith.

3. Afrin nose spray.

4. New friends. (Namely Tiffany, Jenny and Angelle.)

5. Old friends. (Namely Jams, Liz, Cicily, Amanda, and my new-in-time-but-rooted-at-heart friends who I also get to work with, Angela and Shannon. The flowers depicted are, in fact, from those two sweet girls, who know how to make a redhead smile when she needs it most. Aren't they lovely?!)

My lovely bouquet up close, including the (front and back) card listing the reasons for the happy. (It's been quite a month.)

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