Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tag, I'm it.

I've been invited to play blogtag by my sweet friend Kristen. Rules are in the graphic.

Never one to say no to fun and games, here I go!

1. I cannot swim. I realize this makes no sense, as I grew up 20 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico, but for a variety of reasons, it never happened. (FYI, I do not intend to die not knowing how to swim!)

2. I love -- with an absolute passion -- to cook. This surprises even me sometimes, since up till age 19, I was scared to death of touching the stove or raw ingredients. But now I find recipes fun and sometimes challenging, and it does something special to my Southern, nurturing self to be able to whip up a meal for my peeps.

3. I can tan. I know this is unusual for a redhead, but when I put my mind (and time) to it, I can acquire a tan that contends with the best of the blondes. It's not the darkest and deepest, and I certainly didn't make an effort this year (does age make everyone more concerned about healthier options?), but I've been known to be called "brown."

4. Although I have worked in PR for nearly 10 years (this is surreal to put in print, btw), I was an English major with the original dream of becoming....::drum English teacher. Then I was going to be a counselor, then a principal, then move on to the school board to change the Mississippi educational system. Sadly, I was too ADD for the classroom when it came time to hang out after preparing and presenting lessons. So now I just try to put my good intentions to work in volunteer settings.

5. Thanks to my initial PR years at the MS Association of Realtors, I love Macintosh computers.

6. Because of an old boss when I was in college (at Hancock Bank, no less), I know all the keyboard shortcuts for actions such as cutting, pasting, copying, printing, etc. I learned this because she was a lefty and I'm a righty, and as a part-timer, I didn't have my own computer so had to use hers. Learning those shortcuts was easier than groping for a mouse on the "wrong" side of the computer.

7. I am scared to death of hurting people, and I don't know where this came from. I know that unlike my sister, I haven't always been this way, because I used to be really (much more) outspoken and even cynical at times. Now I am typically so ridiculously concerned for others' feelings that I lean toward political correctness, even when it's not necessary (or even the smartest route).

I'm tagging the following friends for the following reasons:

1. Brandie, because I know what she has to say will be very interesting (not to mention entertaining ;-) ), and I know I don't know nearly enough about her since she has always been such a long-distance friend.

2. Tori, because I just met her (via blogging), loved her 101 list, and even ruthlessly copied some of her items!

3. Michelle, because she's always good for a laugh sprinkled with great insight!

4. SCole, because she's been on a blogging spree lately and just might do this!

5. Rachel, because it's been way too long since I've seen her sweet face.

6. Dane, because I'm dying to see what he has to say. :-)

7. J. Clark, because I want to see if he'll actually do this thing.

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