Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I almost forgot!

Five things I've had to be thankful for in the past week (10/19-10/25):

1. Getting to go home to the Coast and have dinner with my parents, and getting to pet my dog on my birthday week.

2. Turning another year older! Some aren't fond of birthdays, but I subscribe to the belief that they're wonderful, because with them come wisdom and cake.

3. Getting to go to the LSU/Georgia game ON MY BIRTHDAY! That was really fun, even if LSU did lose.

4. All the fun mail one receives on her bday. :-)

5. Friends and family who listen and give me honest advice when I ask for it...even when said advice might not make my heart happy at the moment, but is best in the long run.

Simply put, I have been blessed.

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