Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The bitter end.

Recently, I've gotten into (what I consider) the horrid habit of involuntarily skipping ahead while reading.

I've always been a ridiculously avid reader -- from backs of cereal boxes to loads of library books to re-reading books I can practically quote by heart -- and could never comprehend this desire peeps had to see what the ending was like before they were there.

And I still can't.

But somehow, when I'm reading, my eyes have begun to drift toward the end of the paragraph, or section, or chapter. I've never actually gone so far as to turn a page to see an ending, and I've never delved into finding out the bitter end by turning to the back of the book, but still. I can't help but wonder if this is a first step toward a vicious cycle, and one I don't want to participate in!

To date, I haven't learned any major plot twists or secrets or revelations or story climaxes, but still. You know it's coming.

It's a bad, bad habit. Gotta break it. Even if it's the last page I read....I mean, last thing I do.*
* Apologies for the terrible joke/pun/whatever that is. I'm kind of not on my A game as I write. Clearly!

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