Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nissan to debut electric car August 1!

Nissan is set to debut its first electric car in less than a month! Here are the details, straight from the horse(power)'s mouth:

Zero emissions isn't a future endeavor. It isn't hype. It's happening.

Right now, Nissan is doing everything it takes to make electric driving a daily reality. Starting with a pure electric car. Not a hybrid, not even a plug-in hybrid. But a zero-emission electric vehicle made for the real world of highways, morning commutes and everyday living.Of course, the car is only part of the solution. Nissan has developed a lithium-ion battery that's re-usable. And we're teaming up with communities and businesses to create an accessible charging network. This is a brand-new way to move.

Driving electric. We're making it happen. You can, too.

So cool...can't wait to see it!

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