Wednesday, March 7, 2007


my dear, dancing, soon-to-be wed sassy pink lizard has inspired me. then my wonderfully fun, jazzercising kelso o'shanahan jumped on the virtual bandwagon, leading me to believe that now it's my turn.
soooo....the five things that I'm most thankful for today are...

1. health -- mine and my loved ones'. I know it sounds trite, like a homemade pageant answer, but it's true. there have been a few scares the past 6 or so months, and it's shown me how truly precious life and time can be.

2. my walking buddies Rachel and Rachel. (I funny, right?) I have home Rachel to walk and debrief with a couple of nights a week, and now I have work Rachel to walk and splash some sunshine into our lunches with a few days a week. this has given me more motivation and inspiration to be healthier than anything else has in a long time!

3. my best friend in the universe, who also happens to be my boyfriend. even on days when I don't understand me, he patiently handles me with care, not sparing me the gentle reminders I often need to come back to earth and reality.

4. anticipation. I love looking forward to Liz's bachelorette weekend in Memphis, and the next time I'll see my family, and Boston with C! I love the thought of spring coming in with a gust and giving me warm, bright, sunshiney days that I can use to soak up delicious rays at the pool!

5. my Caleb stories. need I say more?

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If I lived in Jackson, would I be your second-best friend? I realize that Carl is wonderful, but sometimes you need someone to talk to who not only knows how to handle you, but who has the same blood as you, and furthmore, knows where you keep your medication for those little "mood swings" that you have.

Posted by Greg Mo on March 8, 2007 - Thursday 3:14 PM

I love how "Bright & Shiny" you are.
Posted by Just Music on March 9, 2007 - Friday 7:52 PM

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