Friday, December 26, 2008

TGIF (plus 4 more things I'm thankful for).

I am so thankful for:

1. Friday. Always love this day, even on short holiday weeks. :-)

2. Family. My sister, brother-in-law and nephew came to my parents' for Christmas this year, and it has been such a fun and exciting time to see the wonder of Christmas through an almost five-year-old's eyes. Also, tonight I get to see two of my cousins that I don't see often -- one lives in Alabama, and the other recently moved from Tennessee to New Mexico -- and am very excited about that! The AL cousin also has a bouncing baby boy I get to meet for the first time!

3. Health. My Nan and Pop Ball have had a harrowing year with their health, so I was more thankful than ever for our traditional Christmas Eve gathering this year. They are so sweet and love to be surrounded by family. Please keep them in your prayers!

4. Location, location, location. I get to work from Hancock Bank's Gulfport office today, which means I did not have to go back to Baton Rouge to work today, but could stay the weekend with my family (just north of Gpt). This has been such a huge blessing. Not only does it give me a workday of convenience mixed with a fun weekend with family, it also gives the fam an 8-hour breather from Rebekah. ;-)

5. Talent. It has to be said -- my Daddy is amazing with cars, and keeps mine updated and maintained in ways I could never repay him for. And my mother's cornbread dressing is to die for, not to mention the way they both take an active interest in my life and love me no matter how unlovable I am. And my sister and brother-in-law's sweet generosity and kindness are so unique, yet I get to benefit from them every time we visit. And no one can make me smile like Caleb Levi. So I am utterly grateful for these talents God has given those around me, and that I am allowed, for now, to be blessed by them.

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