Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It's no surprise to frequent Caleb-story-listeners that my almost-five-year-old nephew cannot stand to talk on the phone -- to me, or any other female. My Daddy, on the other hand, is completely intriguing to the little man. I think it has to do with the fact that Caleb knows my Daddy has a tractor, and a dog named Tractor, and does fun manly things like chop wood.

At any rate, when Caleb has to talk to me (this is never something he volunteers for), he almost always emits a huge sigh before chatting with the enthusiasm most people reserve for the dentists' chair. He painfully answers my questions, always in a rush to get back to whatever he was doing.

Tonight, I returned a call to my sister and could hear the sounds of rowdy boy play in the background. Kim informed me the play had to do with cars, and when she mentioned something about supper, Caleb ran up to her and said things like, "Tell your sister that I'm the fastest soup eater in the house," etc.

Inevitably, the poor little guy got his come-uppance when Kim told him to tell me hi on the phone. I could hear him protesting (gently, to his credit), and after a few seconds, his excuse for the night was, "I can't -- I'm just too tired."

Kim sternly said, "Caleb. You are not. Talk to Aunt Bekah," and he begrudgingly said, "Hello." When I asked what he was up to, I almost died laughing when at his reply. "Well," he sighed. "I was sleeping."
Boys. ;-) They never get excited about the phone, do they?

Pictured above is Caleb with an acceptable phone buddy (Grandpa), and Grandpa and Grammi (and Bekah)'s dog, Tractor.

Pictured below that is a kinder, gentler time, when my nephew actually enjoyed phone conversations with me. I think he also liked to cuddle more then, too...


  1. Yep, my three won't hardly talk either. The oldest does his duty, but when he does, he has no qualms letting you know exactly how boring it is. Typical exchange:

    Me; "I love you and I miss you, Jaime and Jace. Do you miss me?"

    Justin: "No." (yawns).....

  2. Clay LOVES toting the phone around. He'll have it slung over his shoulder, and he'll be babbling away. Of course, there's no one on the other end. When there's someone to actually TALK to, all they hear is his breathing and the occasional "dada."



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