Friday, June 12, 2009

Southern Miss: To The Top!

I haven't always been as gung-ho about my alma mater's athletics as I should be, but moving to a place where SEC is king and sports fans are rampant has changed my tune and raised my awareness about sports in all conferences, including USM's.

And how timely.... for the first time ever, Southern Miss is going to the College World Series in Omaha!
(Of course, so is LSU, but my loyalties must remain true to much as possible, at least. I have actually contemplated wearing all gold, then accessorizing one side of my body in black and the other in purple for times like this...)

The games kick off this weekend (Saturday, LSU plays Virginia at 6pm CST; Sunday, USM plays Texas at 6pm CST). Unfortunately, I'll miss most of the action because of an out-of-town shower I'm helping to host. Fortunately, it's baseball and not football, so it won't seem so action-packed every second of the games. :-)

It's so hard to imagine that my Golden Eagles might actually end up playing the LSU Tigers for the championship, but an idea I'm willing to cheer on and anticipate till all's said and done!

So geaux Tigers, but Southern Miss: to the top!


  1. We just got put out, none the less, becca, don't ever compromise. LSU and the SEC have no shortage of fans. We do. We need all the help we can get.

  2. You know it, J. I was deeply saddened today by USM's elimination. However, some of my (kinder) LSU-fan-coworkers assured me that LSU didn't go to Omaha until the 90s, and then, went several times before ever winning. They reminded me that it is a slow-cooking process, and an honor for USM to have been there at all.

    Then they reminded me that Ole Miss didn't even make it this year, which made me actually smile. :-)


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