Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Agent Orange: Signing Off

After my hit-and-run in May, I held up pretty well during the accident itself, and even when talking to my Daddy and the insurance company. But when I stood at the Enterprise counter and heard I'd be driving an orange Kia, I couldn't stop the tears from filling my eyes.

Orange? I just wanted to be invisible! Unfortunately, the only other option was a minivan. Fortunately, I got over my orange spasms...well, pretty much. Hearing, "Oh, that's YOUR orange car in the parking lot" at the office coffee pot got old, but at least it was a rental.

Not surprisingly, I wasn't sad to turn in the orange Kia last week when I got my new (to me!) car. I did, however, get a photo with it. This is specifically for Michael Long, who loves the color orange, and for all the naysayers who kept telling me "It can't be that bad."

Well, it could, and it was. For me at least. You try being the victim of a hit-and-run, then sitting at a traffic light next to a bright yellow car and feeling like you're an integral part of Crayola's line-up.

So long, orange Kia!

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  1. I need a picture with the new car!!!! Let's set that one up, please.


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