Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Banana.

When my cousin was student-teaching in history, he was across the hall from the high school's Spanish teacher. He would tell us about how low the quality of Spanish was that the students were learning because of the Spanish teacher's poor pronunciation, but I'm not sure we ever believed him until he told us this:
One day as class was wrapping up, he could hear from across the hall the Spanish teacher instructing her class about their homework. I believe her words were similar to, "Ok, be sure to have all that finished by the muh-nan-uh."
(As in, rhymed with "banana.")
Ever since, as a joke, I'll refer to manana (tomorrow) as "the muh-nan-uh," or sometimes, when under the influence of my silliest friends, "the banana."
So, goodnight, peeps. See y'all in the banana.
p.s. The pic was a total fluke. I searched Google Images for "manana," and pow! Cracked me up.

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