Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pretty good for 60.

Early this month, my Daddy celebrated his 60th birthday.

To our surprise, he actually let us actually CELEBRATE instead of pretending it was just another day, or becoming quiet and withdrawn about "getting older."
(I put this in quotes because my Daddy's NEVER seemed old to me, but has also never loved those "milestone" birthdays. And I understand that numbers can make a person feel this way, so I'm not judging. I'm just sayin'.)
So, all this said, we were excited to host a small birthday celebration for him in Gulfport, and were thrilled to have our whole (immediate) family there, and many of his brothers and sisters, as well. (He's the youngest of 11, so with location and schedules, getting 2 or 3 there is really good!)

Among my favorite parts of the weekend and event were:
  • Daddy's love for the theme my mother, sister and I came up with via email:
    Kent's gone from 0 to 60 in no time!
    (Daddy loves cars, and is amazing with them, and still mourns the '55 Chevy he gave up after he and my mother married.)

  • The delight on my daddy's face as he enjoyed his brothers and sisters, our immediate family, the entire gathering, and (I think) just knowing that we all made time for him on his special day. He's not a natural attention-seeker (I know; I'm totally adopted), so it was fun to see him enjoy this facet of life that I've been promoting for years!

  • Caleb leaning over to me during the bday party and intiating this convo:

    Bekah, how old IS Grandpa?

    You should go ask him.

    Caleb (looking at Daddy surrounded by his brothers & sisters):
    No, thanks. I thought I'd just ask you.

    Well, why don't you guess?


    That's right -- that was a REALLY good guess.

    Well, I might've heard it at home or something.

    :: pause ::

    :: leaning in ::

    Ya know, Grandpa can do perfect push-ups. Not just one, but a LOT!

    Yes, I know -- Grandpa's in really good shape!

    Yep. That's pretty good for 60.

As usual, well said, Mr. Man. The wisdom of a 5-year-old. :-)

And happy 60th birthday to my wonderfully kind and talented father... I love you so much!

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